About The Exhibition

The Terracotta Army And The First Emperor of China; The Exhibition, is an extraordinary voyage in Ancient China of 2,200 years ago. It is, undeniably, the most complete exhibition ever created on the Terracotta Army, the necropolis and life of the First Emperor. In an incredible staging, this exhibition brings together more than 300 life size reproductions of statues, chariots, weapons and objects from the daily life of the First Emperor of China, such as they were discovered in the more than 100 pits of the necropolis. They have all been reproduced by Chinese craftsmen from the excavation region, with a particular consideration for details in order to maintain the same beauty and originality of the original works. The realism of these reproductions is reinforced by the impressive décors and a spectacular audiovisual and lighting installation. In order to fully appreciate these cultural treasures, the visitor also benefits from several short video documentaries and, audio guides. An an Interactive zone which immerses them in a unique atmosphere. This immersion, in the heart of the necropolis of China’s First Emperor, is intended for a broad audience. Over no less than1,800 M2, the exhibition addresses numerous topics: the history of the First Emperor, his real life army, military conquests, his empire, the creation process of the Terracotta Army soldiers, the Emperor’s tomb, history of the archaeological excavations … It also exposes impressive reproductions such as the life-size reproduction of more than 170 warriors as part of a light and sound show highlighting the reconstitution of a section of Pit #1. Identical replicas of the bronze carriages discovered in one of the pits.

Open daily from 10am to 6pm – last entry is 5pm